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Cyber Attack

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Cyber threats are often hard to understand as these threats are not like physical threats needing immediate action. Cyber dangers may include viruses wiping out entire computer systems, people breaking into software systems and changing files, people using your computer or device to attack others or people stealing confidential information. Some cyber incidents may take weeks, months or even years to be detected.

Cyber Risk Scenarios:

  • Organized cybercrime, state-sponsored hackers, and cyber espionage can pose national security risks.
  • Transportation, power and other services may be disrupted by large-scale cyber events.
  • A data breach can compromise a company or government network.
  • Personal devices such as computers, tablets, mobile phones and gaming systems that connect to the internet are open to intrusion.
  • Personal information could be at risk without proper security features in individual security software as well as features put in place by others such as businesses and retailers.

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