Ready DC

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Ready DC



The first step in any emergency is to stay informed. When you are aware of what is going on around you, you are able to make decisions involving the safety of your family and loved ones. Should you evacuate or shelter in place? Do you need to stock up on milk and bread or plastic sheeting and duct tape? The District provides multiple resources to get the information out to residents - sign up or tune in.

AlertDC is the official District of Columbia communications system allowing you to pick the type of emergency alerts, notifications, and updates directly from the District of Columbia's public safety officials. By staying informed, AlertDC is your personal connection to real-time updates and instructions to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your neighborhood.

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The District is vulnerable to a variety of hazards:

  • Natural hazards including hurricanes, floods and winter storms;
  • Acts of terrorism including biological attacks, cyber attacks and active shooter incidents; and
  • Technological hazards including hazardous material incidents and chemical/fuel explosions.

Each of these hazards presents different challenges, so you and your family need to be prepared. Would you know what to do to prepare for a hurricane or winter storm? What if there was an active shooter in your workplace? To learn more about the dangers facing the District and what you can do before, during and after, click on icons below.

Active Shooter
Cyber Attack
Extreme Heat
Hazardous Material Incident
Improvised Explosive Device
Power Outage
Snow and Extreme Cold
Water Contamination

You can get preparedness and safety information to ensure you have important information at your fingertips before, during, and after and emergency or disaster. When you know where to get information, have the right supplies, and have a plan for you, your loved ones, and your pets, you can protect yourself.

The tools in this app help ensure that no matter where you are or what you are doing you'll be prepared.



The National Capital Region Threat Intelligence Consortium (NTIC) is the National Capital Region’s (NCR) primary fusion center. While our principal customers are public safety officials and key decision makers in the NCR, we’re also here to serve the public. Think of the NTIC as your one-stop shop for intelligence analysis on crime, terrorism, natural hazards, and cybersecurity.