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DC Flood Awareness Week

Mayor Muriel Bowser declared June 21-25, 2021 as "DC Flood Awareness Week." Click here to read the full Mayoral Proclamation.

Flooding is the most common and costly natural disaster in the United States. Severe weather and flooding can happen at any time and the District has historically experienced significant flooding. It is critical that District residents stay alert and prepare for flooding. Join us for the District's first-annual Flood Awareness week, which consists of five days of programming to help District residents become more prepared for and resilient against flooding. 

What is Flood Awareness Week? District Flood Awareness Week seeks to improve public knowledge of flooding and the potential threats for homeowners and renters. The campaign aims to empower District residents and business owners to mitigate their exposure to potential flooding through improved readiness and education. 


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Monday, June 21 | An Introduction to Flooding in the District

Watch event: An Introduction to Flooding in the District Presentation


About: Flooding can happen in many ways and often without warning! This session provides an overview of flooding in the District and how you can know if your home or business might be at risk. The first part of this session features a presentation by the National Weather Service on  the different types of flooding that can occur, how flood forecasting works, and how the public can learn about potential flood events. 

The second part of this session helps District residents learn more about their flood risk and how to protect themselves with two helpful tools: ReadyDC, and the District's DC Flood Risk Viewer. Viewers will leave this session with a better understanding of the unique climate and topography of the District and which  parts of the city are more likely to flood due to their proximity to streams, rivers, and other permanent water elements.


Wednesday, June 23 | A History of Flooding in the District

Watch event: History of Flooding in the District Presentation


About: Dive into District of Columbia’s long history of flooding. This session features an exploration of how the District’s waterways have been transformed over the last 200 years by land use decisions, infill development, and urbanization. Specifically, the presentation introduces “Uncovering The History of the District’s Buried Streams” - a new story map from the Department of Energy & Environment. The presentation also examines past flooding events through historic photos and flood maps.


Thursday, June 24 |  An Ounce of Prevention: Flood Barrier Technologies

Watch events:


About: Flooding is a real threat especially in low-lying areas of the District. By designing buildings and neighborhood defenses District residents can still live, play, and work along our city’s beautiful waterways. Fortunately, there are many different technologies that can be deployed. Join us as we learn more about different engineering solutions that are being deployed at public and private properties throughout the District to hold back flood waters!

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Thursday, June 24 | Get Covered: Flood Insurance - Do You Need It?

Watch event: Department of Insurance, Securities, and Banking (DISB) Flood Forum

About: The Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking (DISB), its sister agencies and partner organizations sought to provide District residents, businesses and community stakeholders with information, access to resources and a transparent complaint process to address water damage issues. The Flood and Water Damage Forum was the Department’s third of four quarterly events that connects participants to vital information and access to government, private sector, and non-profit resources.




Friday, June 25 | Day of Action: Be Aware and Be Prepared! | All Day

Stay Aware!
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Stay Prepared! 
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ReadyDC is a preparedness campaign with the goal of ensuring the District is prepared to meet a variety of hazards including manmade and natural disasters. By helping residents and business owners plan for the unexpected, ReadyDC aims to make all 8 wards of the District better prepared and more resilient.

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Joshua Schnitzlein | [email protected]
National Flood Insurance Program Coordinator
Department of Energy & Environment
Government of the District of Columbia

Vermecia Alsop | [email protected]
DC Hazard Mitigation Officer
DC Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency
Government of the District of Columbia