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Technological/Human Caused Hazards

Technological and human caused hazards can range from something as simple as a power outage, to something as serious as a chemical spill or explosion at a nearby industrial plant. Although these events may not be deliberate or planned, they still pose a serious threat to the community and to the health and safety of the residents of DC.

Types of technological hazards include nuclear power plant incidents, fuel spills, and other hazardous materials spills or release. Each of these events requires a specific and immediate response. Be sure to follow any instructions given by DC authorities to help protect yourself and your family.

Use the ReadyDC website to learn about the hazards that pose a risk to you. For each hazard affecting the District, ReadyDC informs you on the characteristics of that hazard, measures that can be taken beforehand to avoid or lessen the impact of these events and what  to do during and after the event to protect yourself, your family and your pets.

For more information on technological and human caused hazards, visit: